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Sunday, January 24, 2010

its been 3 weeks since eri1 starts skolin n i start workin..
currently workin in IOI Mall Princess shoes n handbag store..
time passes so fast =X
hmm.. basically dis few weeks..
i oni wake ~> work ~> home ~> slp =X
workin is tirin! T.T
kinda get used 2 it d thou..
d 2nd day i starts work, i met Thia =.=''
she was like..
lookin at d shoes.. den sudenly saw me n..
she was wif Joan dat time.. but i nvr met Joan b4, so i din reg her n so did she..
den Thia says.. CC arr~~ Hui Yee arr~~
den both of us oni noe each other =X
we chat 4 a little while oni, den she wan cont go shoppin ler..
last week, Edmund came 2 look 4 me 4 lunch.
coz he gt offday n so he help his mom in salon opposite IOI Mall..
when i break he come over IOI Mall 2 look 4 me n lunch 2gether^^
quite a long time since i last met Edmund..
so i look at him 4 awhile n he noticed =X
n so, i told him i felt he is abit diff from d last time we met..
like abit fat d =X
he says he rili fat ler, coz when he work, he keep eattin chocs =X
dats y lu..
i oso wan 2 eat chocs T.T
eri mon is my offday..
any1 wan 2 go out wif me on mon..?
tml wanted 2 go sg wang / timesquare..
but no ppl accompany me =.=''
kinda bored 2 go alone..
summore so FAR!

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ok i noe its abit late, but stil..
Happy New Year guys^^
as u guys noe (i think), last sun was my b'day..
nvr celebrate on d day itself, oni went 4 dinner at nite wif my family =X
we went 2 a buffet steamboat restaurant located juz beside IOI Mall.
or shud i say its a buffet shabu shabu restaurant o.o
well, wadeva.. as long as its a restaurant la =X

yam ice cream <3

goat's meat i ordered =X

some of d things i ate..

wad a mess =.='' (d ppl u saw in pic w/o head is my mom n sis lol)

like sushi O.O but its food 4 our dinner =X

maple fren mega-ed me 4 bday~^^

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sunway piramid's x'mas set up

hmm.. as i said last 2 days,
i had my early birthday celebration 2day @ sunway piramid..
early in d mornin i woke up.. around 8 i think?
mom's out 2day.. so me n sis gt no body send us 2 sunway so we wanted 2 take bus thr..
sudenly, i tot of Soon Lim (used 2 b my neighbour, nw moved further abit).
he said he's goin 2 sunway wif us..
so.. called n asked him 2 fetch us thr oso if he can..
n he said..
'hmm.. later i'm goin 2 near ur hse thr da bao things 2 eat,
i think can da bao u n ur sis oso, no prob'
da bao me n my sis =.=''
anyway, so we went sunway 2gether..
tot Soon Lim is goin sunway piramid..
when we almost reach,
den oni i realised dat he gt class 2 attend..
his college = The One Acedemy
well, if u noe sunway, 4 sure u noe dis college..
oni a street away from sunway piramid lol.
his mom droped us in front of Soon Lim's college,
so me n my sis walked thr while Soon Lim go 4 his class.
once reached, i called eri1 whom told me comin 2day..
1st, John.. he picked up n i told him i reached.
he was woke by my call n was SHOCKED lolx =X
coz d time when i called was around 9.15am?
we actualy said meet at around 11am =X
i was 1 n a half hr earlier >.<
n so, he quickly wake up n say try 2 reach ASAP
2nd, Vincent gor.. called few times no ans =.=
3rd, ah Rong.. he said 'erm.. i wil reach late wor.. 2pm++ mayb'
so.. i said.. 'okie lu.. c u later den'
4th, Candy.. no ans as well =.=
5th n d last was Jing aka Apple..
she was oso, woke by my call =X
she said she couldn't go coz no transport..
expected actualy.. so nvm =.=''
after call.. its around 9.30am..
but den, d mall hven open yet..
so sis n i went Starbuck 2 hv our breakfast (so called)
den after eat, we entered d mall.
1st thing we did, was findin Guardian / Watsons
well, coz my legs were hurt by my shoes =.=
nt so used 2 d shoes =X
den, John called n said he wil reach abit late coz he's takin taxi n those taxi drivers refuse 2 send him 2 sunway coz its abit far.. (he stay damansara)
as soon as i ended call, Candy calls..
n so, we met up n had a short conversation..
after dat, John reached.
its d 1st time we met each other..
i was rather shocked when i saw him takin a flower on his hands n he said it was my bday present..
so, juz take lu.. even thou i dun rili like flowers =X
real flowers ezly dies =.=
n den, we went 2 check n c wad movie is available..
i chosen 'Avatar 3D' 2 watch.. coz my sis n i both wanted 2 watch it.
so John followed..
while Q-ing 4 movie tic, Hong called n say he is on his way thr..
so, he is joinin us 4 movie.
bought 4 tics @ rm18 each...
John took out a rm50 n i took rm30..
after get tic n on our way 4 lunch,
i sudenly realised dat I 4GOT 2 GET BAC D CHANGE
wtf... rm8 zzZ
well... i admit i'm blur.
n dis incident shows HOW BLUR M I =.=''
John n my sis keep laughin at me n say i blur head =.=''
lunch 4 us = KFC.. John pays 4 my sis' meal..
i nvr order 4 anytin coz i'm quite ful n i dun rili eat in d mornin n afternoon..
i helped my sis 2 eat her french fries n drink abit of her coke & i'm very full ardy.
John stil ask me 2 eat his french fries as well..
i was like =.=''
in d end, stil finished by me (coz i luv french fries =X)
den, its time 4 movie~
but, Hong hven reach =.=
so we bought our drinks 4 movie while waitin him..
wait n wait n wait.. 4 half an hr n its 12.40pm ardy (movie starts at 12.30)..
den oni i saw Hong n his bro, MC (my 1st bf)
n so, i talked wif MC 4 a few sentences n rush 2 go in 4 movie.
after movie, i called Vincent & ah Rong again..
stil no ans :#$@%#$@%!
n so, i guess they r nt goin 2 apear ardy.
well, i'm gettin used 2 it.
ppl juz dun keep thier promise
den we went Gasoline 4 tea time + Hong's lunch..
after dat, John gtg n Soon Lim came..
coz nth 2 do, we went 4 another movie, 'Twilight Saga: New Moon'
quite a nice movie 4 me..
after d movie, its time 4 dinner (7pm)
so, Wei Leong came as he promised.
wif his fren..
went 2 Full House in sunway 4 dinner.
durin d dinner, his fren received a call n went away 4 quite a long time..
i was curious den Wei Leong said his fren always talk 4 a long time on phone..
so, we cont eat..
den out of a suden, a group of ppl claps.
so me, my sis, Wei Leong, Hong n Soon Lim looked over thr.
thr was a guy proposin 2 his loved 1..
he was on his knees wif flower n ring on his hands..
in d end, d gal accepted his proposal..
lols.. =X
after we finished our meal..
sudenly, a waiter came near us wif a choc cake..
Wei Leong's fren went 2 buy a cake 4 me =.=''
shocked, but yet happy~^^
after dat, we paid n go home.
1st thing i do when i reached was..
on maple =.=''
funny huh.. normaly 1st thing i do wil b on tv =X
well, its coz i promised ppl 2 boss..
n now, i'm sittin here bloggin.
its been quite i long post n i believe its d longest post of mine so far
so.. i shall get 2 slp now

btw.. i'm thankful 2 Soon Lim + John + Hong + Wei Leong n his fren Eric 4 attendin..
n, next yr onwards i wun org any b'day celebration of mine anymore.
asked so many ppl all nt confirmed n d day b4 oni tel me cant make it zzz
even d day itself oso, those whom said wanted 2 go but stil nvr attend
hate it!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

juz been informed dis mornin dat my class is hvin a gatherin on 29th Dec oso =.=
wth... zzzz
some fren choose 2 go class gatherin T.T
sad la... haizzz...
was hopin more ppl 2 go.. =.=''
so far, oni 5 person is confirmed goin..

*dun say i din update o*

Scribbled by: ✖ Cc αĸα Ck ✖ セシリア ✖ @11:48 PM

Saturday, December 26, 2009

CC's back 2 bloggin~
alot of ppl complainin dat i nvr update my dead blog =X
i noe i noe..
sry, i'm lazy la >.<
btw.. even thou abit late, MERRY X'MAS 2 ALL^^
next sunday is my birthday..
goin 2 celebrate at sunway piramid again =X
i guess wil watch movie & lunch + dinner wif frens ba..
whose goin? O.O
invited alot of ppl.. but none is confirm T.T
ytd went 2 1U shop.. nvr bought anytin but saw a very nice set up thr..
heres a picture of it^^

nice? =X

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

finaly.. trial is over >.<
but... i did VERY badly in dis time's exam T.T
next week is holiday^^
but den... stil gt tuition n hvin drivin lessons..
half a holiday 4 me ba?
next target ~> pass drivin test~!!
den d last target of d yr is of coz, STPM =.=
+u CC u can do it^^
[i hope]

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

soon, i wil finish my sec skol n head 2 University or mayb work..
its been 2 yrs i'm in dis class,
namely 6ak of SMK Taman Desa^^
dis meant i've been in d same class wif my classmates~
well.. eritin goes quite ok..
juz dat sumtimes thrs some unhappy stuff goin around us..
lazy 2 mention bout it.
let d video do d talkin ba^^
its made by 1 of my classmate, Pui Moon..

idk y my video's like dis =.=
d part below is like so wide 1..
any1 noe den teach me pls >.<

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i'm goin mad SOOOOOONNNNNNNN~!!!
my trial exam is juz around d corner..
but my study mood is stil so so oni =.=
its like 'WTF' ??
2more weeks 4 me 2 study b4 my trial T.T
hope i manage 2 finish wad i suposed 2 study in time >.<
wishin myself ALL D BEST =X

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

dis few days mum out station 4 a skol meetin..
so my sis n i nid 2 go home by ourselves >.<
well.. i'm used 2 it since last 2 yrs i go home by myself..
but my sis keep nagin sayin she dun1 2 walk down 2 d bus stop wadeva =.=
mum's out.. so i nid 2 cook 4 my family oso...
dun worry, d food dat i cook can eat de lor~!!
i've been cookin 4 my family at times since i was form3,
which is 14yrs old..
nw ardy 18yrs old, time passes so fast =.=
ytd b4 mum go out station, she cooked curry chicken..
so ytd i dun nid 2 cook^^
2day n tml nid 2 cook thou >.<
thurs mum wil b bac so i no nid cook oso =X
+ i've got tuition on thurs, if 1 me 2 cook..
wait til 8pm den oni reach home..
by d time i reach home n finish cookin,
i guess my dad, sis n bro is hungry til duno wad le =XX

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Monday, August 03, 2009

finaly~ FINALY!!
i've got a phone ler~^^
my mum bought a new phone 4 me ytd..
nt those exp exp ones but well,
i liked my phone alot thou^^
its a nokia 5130 >.<
stil playin wif it nw..
new phone..
nid 2 check things n install themes or songs those..
copy from my frens =X
anyway, changed a number as well..
not usin 017 number d..
who 1 2 noe my number den send me a off9 msg in my msn ba
~> ceciliagoh91@hotmail.com
dats all 4 nw^^

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